About us

VibeVeb: Best product reviews, hints, wellness & latest trends is an independent publication relaunched in July 2023 by Steve Maleski.

A former Ph.D. lawyer, now a contented and appreciative escapee from the traditional "9 to 5" grind—which, in reality, often stretched from 6 AM to 10 PM.

He is passionately committed to empowering individuals who are navigating the complexities of selecting appropriate health supplements and pursuing personal development. As an entrepreneur, life coach, and strategic life planner, he harbors a profound fascination with the synergy between mind and body.

Our Mission

We believe that people can change. Actually, we know it!

We stay abreast of the most recent developments in the realms of Supplementation, Nutrition, Self-Help/Wellness, and Lifestyle to assist you in making informed purchasing decisions in our rapidly evolving world. Every guide, how-to, and review we craft is designed from the standpoint of your well-being, as our passion lies in serving others with the pinnacle of our expertise.

Furthermore, we hold immense admiration for our astute Kate, who is the epitome of grace and a fervent aficionado of beauty and lifestyle.

We are currently focusing our efforts on creating a Self-Development Program, which is a project I am deeply passionate about!

Steve Maleski