Is Permanent Jewelry Waterproof?

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Is Permanent Jewelry Waterproof?
Permanent Jewelry Waterproof | Permanent Jewelry Kit

by Kate Milltown

Hey there, water warriors and style swimmers! Are you ready to dive into the deep end with your bling?

Let's get to the bottom of the oceanic question: Is permanent jewelry waterproof? Time to submerge ourselves in some sparkling facts!

Permanent Jewelry: Built to Last or Last to the Pool?

Permanent jewelry is like the trusty rubber duck of your accessory collection – it's meant to be with you through thick and thin, showers and pools. But can it really handle the high dive into H2O territory? Let's find out:

Gold's Aquatic Affinity

If your permanent jewelry is made of gold, especially 14k or 18k, it's like a fish in water – totally in its element. Gold is non-reactive and laughs in the face of rust and corrosion.

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Silver's Swim Skills

Sterling Silver, on the other hand, might need some floaties. It can handle a quick dip, but over time, it may start to tarnish when exposed to water and chemicals like chlorine.

Gemstones' Poolside Poise

Got some sparkly friends on your permanent jewelry? Most gemstones are pool-ready, but it's always good to double-check. Some might not be too fond of chlorine or saltwater.

The Chemical Conundrum

Chlorine and salt water can be party poopers for your permanent jewelry. They can dull the sparkle and weaken the metal over time. So, if you're a frequent swimmer, consider giving your bling a gentle rinse post-pool.

The Waterproof Wisdom: Keep It Shining, Even Underwater

The verdict is: Yes, most permanent jewelry can take a swim and live to tell the tale. However, like any good relationship, it's all about care and maintenance. Treat your jewelry right, and it'll keep you looking fabulous – in and out of the water.

Ready to Dive Deeper into the World of Permanent Jewelry?

If you're now dreaming of a waterproof wonder that'll keep up with your aquatic adventures, why not paddle over to our review site?

We've got the lowdown on the best waterproof permanent jewelry that'll have you making waves with your style.

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